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The court of the Great Empire Shuengol swarms with whispers and schemes. Stay alive, storm your way to glory, raise your stat, choose your allies and Regals for they will be the winds to your ambitions.

☾ Genre: Fantasy, Drama.

☾ Routes: 4

☾ Endings: 20+

☾  Platforms: Itch.io

☾  Estimated Release Date: Demo 1.0: Winter 2020  Demo 2.0: Spring 2021


This game contains mature topics and potential disturbing contents, below we will list possible trigger warnings :

  • Death
  • Blood, gore 
  • Fantasy racism, racial slurs and slavery
  • Violence
  • Pornographic content
  • Kidnapping and abduction
  • Fantasy racial violence
  • Self-harm and suicide

If you are uncomfortable with those topics or under the age of 18, please proceed with caution. Please take care of yourself first and foremost


Midheaven: Winds of Ambition follows the tale of a young Mahyine (an original species of the Midheaven saga, with naga-like features) noble in court who determines to follow their ambitions, along with the presence of one of the four Regals.

Winds of Ambition is a stats-raising visual novel, where every choice can result in the most fatal outcome. The objective of the game is keeping the protagonist alive for 12 seasons, and marry one of the four Regals. 

☾ Choose your Origin

Soreiyuu, Alaam, Narsi, which will affect the initial stats of the protagonist:

House Soreiyuu - with a higher status of Intelligence; House Alaam - with a higher status of Magic; and House Narsi - with a higher status of Charm.

☾ Stat Raising

The player will schedule the protagonist to perform their duties and extracurricular studies/activities to increase their proficiency in various statistics. With diverse skill combinations and titles, the protagonist will have many ways to influence the scene, tackle problems, make friends or enemies.

☾ Choice Matters

What you say, what you do, the decision is yours to make as long as you have the skills and attributes. The ambitious, cunning protagonists can fail and might even end up dead in later years, and it’s all up to you.

☾ Story Events

With an extensive cast of colorful characters, you can be privy to plenty of hearsays and secrets in the Court. Be it whispers from the past or glimpse of the future, you will see them during various interactions. Some of them might help you advance in your ambitions, while others will make you rethink your choices.

As the moon phases progress, the protagonist is presented with various social opportunities and adversities. When they occur, the game performs checks on the protagonist's current skills and chooses an outcome, sometimes without giving the player the option of interceding.


☾ Favor System & Character Events 

Build complex relationships - Get to the good side of your seniors, your fellows, your ambition interests, or intentionally anger them. Relationships can be tricky, especially when you joined the Court as a low-ranking Attendant.

Each Regal, Officer and fellow Attendant has different preferences, so the skills and choices of the protagonist shall decide the nature of the relationship.

After each moon phase, the protagonist is able to choose what they would do in their free time: bonding with the fellow Court Attendants, working with them, or working with the esteemed Officers. Time is scarce, choose carefully who you want to spend time with.

☾ Multiple Endings

In Demo 2.0 (Spring 2021), you will have 08 bonus “endings” and 01 official ending. 

PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux, Android
Rated 4.7 out of 5 stars
(70 total ratings)
GenreVisual Novel, Interactive Fiction
Made withRen'Py
Tagsamare, Dating Sim, Fantasy, Magical Realism, Multiple Endings, Nonlinear, Queer, Ren'Py, Story Rich
Average sessionAbout an hour
InputsKeyboard, Mouse
LinksLanding Page


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Small bug that I found. At some point (I don't remember when precisely, but I was close to reach Affection level 3 with them), Soo asks to hang out with MC, but then, the game displays "[MC's Name] seemed to enjoy my company", and I immediately get the option to hang out with Soo again. I have only had this happening with Soo, not with other characters


MC doesn't age in journal after birthday.


oh shit we totally forgot about that, thank you for pointing out!

No problem 

Haven't seen this question asked anywhere but I wonder if there is any way to continue the new update with where we left off in Year 1? Thanks! x)


If you meant to continue to first demo (which ends in Autumn Y1)'s progress to the second demo (Winter Y1), I'm afraid that we didn't find the solution to that (╥﹏╥) We are currently working on Y2, and we will find a way to let players continue their progress and stats from Y1 to Y2!

Ahh I see,  thank you though! ^_^ <3 Looking forward to your updates!


Oh, on another note! We have been follow you and your works on both instagram and itch.io on our personal accounts, it has been an honor to have you playing our game! ✿✿✿ cảm ơn bạn rất nhiều!!


Waa mn dễ thương quá XD hope to know who's on the team to send hi back! 

& I just want to say that it was such a proud moment when I found out not only the team but through your library that there are a lot more games by Vietnamese too. I thought it was so cool how you guys were able to find everyone *_*
hehe anw thanks for the note ♡!!

I’ve been a huge fan of WOA ever since it came out. I’ve played it more than 20 times already and I’m still in love with your work as much as i was almost 2 years ago. I think I’ll forever be in love with Suhera, even though it’s barely year 1 and we have seen so little of them. They’re absolutely amazing.

I do have a question though. Please ignore if it’s too spoilery or anything. I’ve played the game so many times but i still can’t figure out how to get A Regal’s Attention I & II. I’m so curious to see what they’re all about :(

Hello, thank you so much for your support, time sure flies! It's been 2 years, so I think it won't be a problem at all! Below are the ever-so-slightly-hints of A Regal's  Attention I & II 

1/ A Regal's Attention I :  You shall encounter Mahaya with a significant stat of CHR in Gardening

2/ A Regal's Atttention II: You shall encounter Peria with a significant stat of CHR in Gardening. You might or might not need a certain prior knowledge, but being a 20+ times veteran, I'm sure you know the answer!

Again, thank you so much for your support! 

Will there be more love interests in the final game?

 so far, we don't have any plan of it yet! but if the game is successful enough, we might be able to add the Court Attendants as the potential LIs!

I forgot to save the crashlog, but I found one.

When initiating a "Hang out" with Jura while getting very close to third affection level, the game crashes. It doesn't happen with other attendants.

let me tell the programmer real quick! did you manage to reach level 4 for any court attendant?

Sorry for the late reply !

Never managed to reach that, to be honest. I have a tendency to try reaching max affection with everyone, so...

Hóng bản full 12 tháng quá ;-; Suhera chắc chắc là cụa mình gồi 

bạn mở được hết ending Suhera và các thoại ẩn chưa ạaaa

Sao em kh mở đc file apk v ta? ʕ´• ᴥ•̥`ʔ

Có thể khi tải xuống bạn quên chưa vào hẳn File Explorer để cài đặt, nếu có vấn đề gì khác thì báo bọn mình nhé!

Is there only a demo right now?




im really looking forward to your official version

huhu cuối cùng cũng tới ngày này

quá mận quá kem

cho xin 500d review nha

Outstanding work, I wish you success with such interesting project!

thank you so much for your support! Happy new year!
(2 edits) (+1)

I'm absolutely obsessed with this novel so far. It's been about 5 months since I played the demo and it's never left my mind. The world-building and character-writing complements the art style (which is gorgeous, btw) perfectly. I will likely write a more detailed review once it's all finished, but just know that this is an IMPRESSIVE start. The buildup and political intrigue in the first chapter alone kept me on the edge of my seat.

Love seeing this type of "genderless" society as well. It just feels right. I also find it original in the way it's done here, especially since they're naga-type humans, but I wish it was more common to see in fiction --it's a great way to utilize the high fantasy genre!


You have no idea how much this comment touched our hearts, thank you so much for your support! We will try our best to finish the full game as soon as possible!

(3 edits)

Hello, this game won't be on Linux?  PS : there is a .sh file so it actually work.


for now, not yet! We don't have Linux testers at the moment :( !

(2 edits) (+1)

I hope it will happen one day, WOAI has so much potential. Thank you for answering :) 

...Wait, there is a .sh file so it already work on Linux xD

Oh my we didn't even know about that!! Did it work?

Deleted 1 year ago

Thank you, you can point out the grammatical errors right here ! 🌙

Sorry for interrupting, but I noticed "Comepleted" a few times, regarding the "Hang out" thing with other court attendants and officers.

You got it right! We have about 4 quests with storyline for each Attendants and Officers, excluding the special duties!

or did you mean it was a typo?

I think it is more about a typo.

noted! we will fix them later 💫

You have them throughout all of Part 1. So much so, it would require a lot of comments and replies in this thread.

If you want to include them in a document, please send it to midheaven.saga@gmail.com 🌙 thank you for your help and support!


I played it 7 times in a row. The very same day ! The Walkthrough PDF really helped, to be honest; to the point that it wouldn't hurt for the indications (those feelings the MC gets about skills being too low) to be a little more specific: like, does the MC have a whole rank missing, or does he just need to get around 2 more points during activities ? 

Also, there is three things I would like to know, before I didn't really understand them..

1-If Mahaya's elements are Earth and Air, why are they so focused on worshipping the Fire God in the "How to make the fire fiercer?" event ?

2-Is there at least ONE way not to die at the end of the demo? Because it happened everytime, even when I managed to achieve Rank 2 in all skills.

3-Given that the game progresses on a "moon" basis, which represents quite the long timespan, wouldn't it be better to grant more Free time? The number of times when I could get 3 or more "Special duties" was insane.

Hello, thank you for your comment and your support (7 times in a row in a single day!!) ! We will discuss about if we should clarify more on the indications, both writing-wise and coding-wise. And about your questions:

1/ It will be related to further plot, we will try our best to deliver them asap!

2/No worries, the protagonist didn't die! At least for Year 1 🤗  We will discuss further how to write clearer, since me (the director) have a very horrible habit of assuming people will perceive things the same as me 😅😅😅

3/ We will discuss more about the time mechanics!

Again, thank you for your support! I hope you had a good time playing the game 🌙

Thanks for your fast reply, that's amazing!

Also, another question basically smashed in my train of thoughts already. Does the team intends to add more houses? Aside from Alaam, Soreiyuu and Narsi, I mean?

And well, sorry to insist a bit, but having only 2 segments of Free time per moon is quite tight, possibilites wise.

So far we don't have the plan to add more Houses, but who knows? Maybe when this game is funded and is successful enough, we will make spin-offs and/or DLCs featuring more Houses! 🌙 We will discuss about the post-moon activities, thank you for the suggestion! 🌙

(1 edit)

I'm glad the team considers it. You're nailing it so far!

Well, the only thing that still creeps me out is that the demo's end looks like a bad end ^^'

We're glad you can feel the creepy atmosphere ! A side note, the pdf guide file is just a small slice of the full guide, the game has hidden conversations due to stats! Let us know if you find one 🌙

Hello! I was wondering if there was a way to carry over save files throughout the demos? Really loving the game so far btw! So so happy to see non-binary and asian rep in visual novels! Looking forward to what the devs have in store <3

Hello, from what I understand, did you mean carry over save files through out Demo 1.0 (November 2020) and Demo 2.0 (March 2021)? But if you only download the latest game version (Demo 2.0 March 2021) then the save files should be carried over automatically! Thank you for your support !🌙

Yes I mean carrying over files from Demo 1.0 to Demo 2.0! I had downloaded the demo 1.0 for quite some time and only played it yesterday when I found out that there was a Demo 2.0! So downloaded that but my save files from the first demo didn't carry over. I didn't really mind at first (since i get to explore other choices) but am just concerned for when I get to play future demos and as the content gets longer and longer. Thank you for your response!

Demo 2.0 has some changes with the script and sprites, we highly recommend you to play Demo 2.0 from the beginning for a clearer introduction. We will take a look at how to carry over files as we will continue to release Year 2 of the game for free!  🌙

Quick question, is the protagonist a man, woman or neither? 

Neither! They are a hermaphrodite naga! 🐍

Hi, dear midheaven, I have some free time recently, so I thought I could first translate some of the world Settings, as well as some of the name explanations and things that don't give away the plot (like letters from home, etc.)

If possible, it's time to send the documents to my mailbox recently. Please attach any format requirements along with them

Hi, sorry for the late reply! We will contact you after we finish the official Vietnamese translation, thank you for your support! 🌙

Can anyone help me get the second to last CG?

(1 edit)

If you mean the CG on the left, the mini guide pdf file has the answer! 🌙

Oh! Is it Mahaya ending B?

It's Mahaya Ending A!🌙

Thank you!
Also, I'm in love with your game and its setting! Dying to see more <3

Thank you for the support 🌙 We are working on Year 2 and (possibly) Kickstarter campaign with Early Bird tier, hope to see you there 🌙

One question! Is the Pornographic content in some way avoidable? And if no how graphic is it? I would love to play it but me being sex-repulsed worries me. So it would be good to know what I would have to endure.


Hello, in this demo there is no pornographic content and so far we haven't developed the part with sexual content yet, but we will discuss about how graphic it is and is it possible to turn off in the settings 🌙

Thank you for the answer! I wish you all the best in the development!

(1 edit) (+2)

Dear midheaven,Have you ever thought about translation? If you have, then I can help translate it into Chinese. Your work is fantastic and I wish it could be seen by more people(•̀⌄•́)


We do! And thank you for your support, do you need the entire script? We will send you along with the walkthrough 🌙💖

♥thanks!!(。◝ᴗ◜。)My email is 1216159073@qq.com, considering the community problem we can discuss by email,it's more useful!Please put your name in the subject and I'll write back when I wake upヾ(●´∇`●)ノ

Any discussion about translation can be written in the letter~i'll waiting for!

We will definitely send you the script and the walkthrough when we finish the full game script 🌙💫 Thank you again 🌙💫


hi again, i just wanted to say that all the new background graphics are downright beautiful and im stoked at the new added character sprites! i managed to meet regal suhera and duel with regal mahaya, and the cg's were just....  breathtaking.  the cliffhanger is killing me, can't wait for the full version to come out :D now excuse me as i try to complete all the events i missed ;) 

Thank you, we remember you with a different name commenting before 🌙 Congrats for finishing Year 1, we will find a way to make a guidebook post for itch.io followers, stay tuned! 🌙


will this game's official version public in steam?

i want to  play the  full process!


It will depend on our future publisher (if we are lucky) ! 🌙

(1 edit)

oh dear midheaven,I've finished first year, and there'er a,emm conclusion list? I wonder if this is the END of demo, or is there a sequel that I haven't started yet?QAQ

We do have a End of the Year conclusion board with your stats, your Favor score, events you have entered and missed, and "endings" you reached ! Was it the one you saw? 🌙


Congrats for finishing the final demo, have you encountered any Regal or finish any Court Attendant/Officer's Quest ? 🌙 We will try our best to make achievement board in the near future 🌙

Can't wait for more updates!~

Thank you for the support! 🌙 We are working on Year 2 of the story and will write devlogs ! Stay tuned 🌙


I am really excited to see how this plays out in the final game. :)


Thank you for your support! 🌙 Have you encountered the Regals?

Some of them




I KNOW!!! 

I honestly thought I got a bad ending for a sec there...until I played it again and realized that no, that's the ending. 😂

This was honestly so much fun to play and I can't wait to see the final game!!! 

🌙 Congrats for finishing the final demo! Have you encountered any Regal and/or finish Court Attendant's hangout/overtime work?

I finished all of Ros Maeiri and Lanmei's overtime work and I got to duel with Crown Regal Mahaya towards the end, which was an  e x p e r i e n c e. 

I had encountered Regal Sehera before in the previous demo, but this encounter was on another level!  

Btw those CGs are gorgeous!!! I honestly had to pause to look at how pretty the art was (and to come to terms with the fact that yes, the Crown Regal was indeed helping my attendant up after a duel!!!)


Next time, maybe you will win in the duel with the Crown Regal 🌙 


Thank you for your support! We are planning KS campaign and writing Year 2 atm 🌙 Hot pot events and more intimate moments with the Regals await 🌙

holy moly! i can't say this enough: this is amazing. i literally just started the game and i'm so blown away by the ambience, it's such a beautiful game. devs, i'm looking forward to what you have in store!!

Thank you so much! We will release Demo 2.0 soon and we hope we will see you again!

oh my god the art is amazing, the charas are so pretty, i can't wait! supporting you from the shadows devs!

Thank you so much! We will release Demo 2.0 soon and we hope we will see you again!

I adore this already, and I want more. Any chance you've got use for a writer/developer?

Thank you for your kindness! We will announce for job posts when the time comes 🌙 Stay tuned!

(1 edit) (+2)

I-I found a gem!! Thank you, certain game developer liking your tweet for me to see! I can see that this is beautiful already! Black and yellow is really pretty! Even this page is beautiful! And your devlog! I love the the little moons you add in the writing! (This is the first time I compliment the game page, not the game itself LOL)

It is morning here. And I haven't slept yet. So I must try the demo later when I wake up. I have read what you have written and I'm down for some stat-rising game. It's an absolute love of mine ❤ The art is very nice-looking, by the way!

I'm excited already!! \(^0^)/ Gimmeee, I wanna play, but I have to sleep...

Oh, well. Bye bye for now, Devs! I will try to tell you what I think about the demo later ;D


We look forward to your feedback! 🌙 Thank you so much!

Hello! ^^ I have played it already. As expected, the art is GORGEOUS. From the one CG, character sprites, background art, the GUI, the transition art and its animation, the aesthetic... All of them are blowing my mind. Even the shadowy character sprites are really good! How can this be?? The OSTs are really great too, that fantasy tribal sounds are giving this VN a very nice and immersive atmosphere. I dig it. But a certain OST is making me sliiightly uncomfortable haha I think it was when Soo and I were helping Mahaya giving offerings in the shrine or something. It's still great, I swear, but it's weirdly pressuring me lol The very low "aaaah" gives me tingles, yeah, I don't know how to describe it.

Also, the lore and worldbuilding are very unordinary. I'm very intrigued. I can't say anything much still. I usually will have more solid thoughts after I experience a story as a whole, but for now, it's REALLY interesting. I definitely want to find out more. I feel the same about the characters, especially the regals. I don't know anything about them still, but "interesting" is the keyword of my thoughts about them. [Peria is freaking beautiful, by the way.]

Also, the birth-givers and strong-arms concepts are freaking interesting. I love it.

Just wow. What a great demo, devs. It blew my mind. I will be waiting for future updates and releases! May you have success in your every work!

P.S. How to pronounce Mahyines?

Thank you for your kind words! "Mahyine" is at most pronounce "mah-hin" 🌙 Which CG did you unlock?

I'm sorry I only see this now. Uh, I don't think I've unlocked any CG ^^" I think it's the first CG you encounter when you start playing. I still remember I was blown away by it, goodness. I was focusing on exploring, not on pursuing characters, my habit when playing a demo, so I didn't unlock anything yet! ...I think? XD Actually, I'm still grasping how to play the game ^^" Hope you don't mind. I'm planning to re-explore, but not right now >.<

We hope any playing method would be fun to you! We will release Demo 2.0 with Full Year 1 soon, we hope to see you again 🌙


ofcourse only -strong arms- were mentioned as every regal' consort . Not a -birthmakers- .Not a single one. Very neutral preferences,indeed(no).


While they are Strong-arms and Birthmakers in title (especially in the high society), they are hermaphrodite beings who can shift their roles 🌙 We hope you will stay with the full release to explore more of the worldbuilding!


Literally one of the most beautiful games I've played this year. There is love and care poured into every aspect, it's incredible. The music, animations, the ART~ The cast is varied and dimensional, Jura, Crassula, Soo... It's difficult to choose a favorite! And don't get me started on the world. Just, ahhhh so good! Fantastic work, I eagerly await any updates and the full release. Wonderful job!

💖💖💖 thank you again and we will try our best to finish the extended demo asap 💖💖💖

the demo feels like a gem, i enjoyed it so much! i will definitely keep an eye out for future updates. i hope this game gets the recognition it deserves, it's a beauty. <3


Thank you so much! We will release the extended demo in Spring 2021 with Regals "endings" and official end of Year 1 🌙 We hope to see you again!

(1 edit)

A treasure found!

The game has a very authentic and unique style, and I loved it. The art, the music (it's just wonderful!), the game menu ... Ah, everything is so neat <3

The full game will probably still take a long time to be released, but I will look forward to it <3

Note: there are some parts where the image of the scenery does not appear. Only "BARRACKS_DAY" appears.


So you have unlocked the Barracks 😂 We currently haven't had enough assets for the full demo and we promise we will finish them soon 🙏🌙 Thank you for your support!


my mom walked by me while i was playing this moment and said wow! Who drew this, it looks so pretty!! Well, Crassula is quite photogenic.

Absolutely love everything about this game, be it plot, worldbuilding, events, the casts, the artstyle (even choice of music!!) . The gameplay is highly replayable because there is always something new and intrigueing (ha!) to explore.

I really hope this game will gain more recognition so that someone can make a stat guide to woo the attendants lmao.  

Really look forward to the update in spring next year (and also maybe a kickstarter so that i can throw some money into this PLEASE)


Crassula is indeed the model for the backgrounds test ミ๏v๏彡 Thank you for your kind comment! ✿◕ ‿ ◕✿